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The rich text editor is made in a way that you can build your content in the most engaging and expressive way. Knowing how to effectively use the Rich text editor will give you an upper hand to format, communicate and draft your content well. 

Design Psychology

Formatting tools have been segregated with all the font formatting tools on to the left and the inserting tools on the right for you to have a better usage of tools to make your content readable. 

Font format


Use case

  •   Bold out important ideas to catch readers' eyes.

  •    You can put your brand’s name in italics to highlight your name but in a subtle way

Pro tips

  •   To build your content in a very appealing way you bold an idea and centre align it to make it look like an image element.

  • Use highlights to create an overall impact to the readers by being creative.

Inserting Tools

Insert table, image and hyperlink

In a community where there is tons of content, make your content more appealing and engaging by adding images and hyperlinks that add value to your content. 


Use cases

  • You can use hyperlinks to guide people to get more information about you and return back to the same page to know more. This helps increase website visits, CTRs, etc. 


Tables help you put your content in an organized, attractive way.

Use case

Differentiate content: Use tables to highlight differences or when you have a lot of factors to cover. Content stands out and users are able to clearly capture important pointers as they skim through.

Give data: Use tables to give details in an easy consumption way using tables.


Embed helps in contributing to CTR without having to leave the page. Users can view your video by just clicking from where they are.

Use Case

You can use this to increase your audience engagement time on your page by using an attractive video that they can watch while viewing your content

Create an impact for readers by having a video that explains the content you have written

Add code line and code block

If your community is for a group of developers and coders, this feature comes in handy to share codes, discuss bugs and code improvisations.

Use case

If you want to illustrate a code to your community reader, just use code block space where you can paste the code you want to share. You can use this space to set a library from which your members can use the appropriate codes for their needs.

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