If this stops you from building communities, we have a solution! 

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Resource crunch

is the most commonly used term across organizations, specifically a typical scenario any startup faces while it is in the growing stage. But, if you are a startup with the so-called resource crunch situation and believe in a community-first approach or have realized the importance of building a community for your customers, we salute you for your commitment towards your customers. And, the good news is we have come up with a few solutions that could help you deal with setting up and building your community without a new resource. 

#1 Relying on in-house team members

Few in-house team members can help you with starting your Community operations like:
a. Writing post content for community
b. Writing blogs
c. Infographics
d. Starting with questions
e. Inviting members to community (based on cohort)

Who can help you with Community Operations?

A creative team comprising of content writers and designers

For building an overall community strategy like:

a. Build a community roadmap along with your annual goals
b. Set milestones for your community
c. Build Content calendar
d. Analyze what works for the community 

Who can help you with Community Strategy?

A marketing team that consists of a Digital Marketing expert or Social Media Manager. If you have only one among the two, they should be able to help you work on how your company can solve your pain points in the digital world with Communities, as they should be working on strategies for their channels as well. 

#2 Team Habitate to help you build Strategy 

If your team is smaller than the above-mentioned case or new to the community concept on the whole and you need help with building strategy, setting milestones, validating what works for a successful community, fret not, Habitate can help you with that scenario. 

a. Setting up Community
b. Launching community
c. Quarterly / monthly community roadmap
d. Methods to improve activation and engagement 

e. Help you identify KPI and set milestones

3. Community DIY Kit 

Habitate’s Community DIY kit is all about a set of community building templates that help you with the basics of community with worksheets and templates for you to fill and construct community on your own. It comes with:

  • Basic Engagement templates

  • Best practice templates

  • A template package: 1. How to set up, 2. How to start/launch and 3. How to run the first 3 months of the community

    Having a resource short may not be an ideal situation for any organization. When you delay your goals to be achieved each day, you are delaying your progress and growth. The above-mentioned points can come in handy for you to ease your process of starting your community until you find one. If this sounds interesting and if you are looking for a platform to start your community, reach out to people@habitate.io  If you are interested to know more about us, here is our website. Wishing you luck in starting your community. 

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