Habitate Release Update: 9th August, 2021

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This week there are three interesting and most expected updates, which are crafted meticulously with love and concern for the customer’s use. 

Updates of the week

1. Rich Text Editor 2.0: Rich text editor version 2.0 will increase your convenience to express better, improve the usage of formatting and styling tools, and a few more interesting things while writing. Check out the release note here.

2. Moderation Post Notification to admin/moderators: Any post that goes through moderation in your channel will now be notified to the admin and the moderator. This helps the admin/moderator stay updated on the post-activity in the community. 

3. Editing a post that’s been approved: Now, if any user edits the post after getting approved from the moderation queue, it will go back to the moderation queue. This is applicable only for the posts that are part of moderation-enabled channels. 

Watch out for this space for new updates and releases. Team Habitate is super stoked to work towards giving an exceptional user experience. To make it possible, we need your support. Keep supporting us with your feedback. Have a great week ahead.

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