Did you check these Tweets on Community?

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With Online Communities being the talk across the globe, many of you must be thinking about catching up to the trend. If you happen to use Twitter (I recommend you to actually start using), you should definitely look into these tweets around community that will give your broader perspectives around community.

  1. Rosie Sherry's tweet on 'What problem you are solving for your community?' thread is gold.

2.David Spink's perspective of community will definitely make you think how community has been associated with every step of your way

3.Anthony Castrio's tweet on cohort based community building is the much needed conversation

When you happen to build your community:

a. Understand what community is and how is it different from social media groups
b. Understand why you want to start a community and what are you trying to solve
c. Make a wise decision while choosing the platform to host your community
d. Community growth happening in cohorts results in sustainability

If you are planning to build your community and hunting for a platform to host it, check out Habitate.

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