Build Your Social Value While Building Your Business

One of the most overlooked things about building a business is sharing your journey along the way.

Many entrepreneurs take the 'build it and they will come' approach and make the mistake of not engaging potential customers with content and sharing their story.

The truth is, the story of building your business is often equally as valuable as the product or service that you offer, especially in the very early stages. However, this is so often overlooked.

Documenting your journey from the beginning gives you the opportunity to build social value around a brand, product or service as it grows.

We see trends reflecting this with "Building in the Open" and entrepreneurs sharing more and more and more about what they are building, in real time.

By not engaging your story and the process of building your business, there is a large opportunity cost at play. Your journey is what unites you with other entrepreneurs and potential customers. Sharing your story as you grow allows you to build the social value associated with your brand across platforms.

Take the opportunity to share as you build. The hardest part is just getting started. As you begin to create content and share your story, you'll begin to see what resonates with others, which helps inform the message you should continue to push for your brand.

GordonFrayne Posted 1 year ago

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