The Starting point of any community is a cause ♥️

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The starting point of any community is a cause - something you believe in and want others to feel in as much as you do. It can be a product, a company, or a principle or anything. And creating a good community around what you do is the first step of turning your customers into evangelists. 

Why do I say that?

When you bring people together, you get ideas. People tell you what they want. You end up building something people care about and shipping less me-too features. A very few good companies create a product that inspires people to be part of a cause larger than themselves. People don’t feel like being associated with a new mediocre product. Still, a reason gives early adopters fall in love with your company, overlook buggy codes, and gives them the courage to talk about it publicly. 

If you are thinking about evangelism, think community. Community is the new byword for evangelism. Write down your company vision, community vision, and values you intend to provide. Building your community starts as simple as a newsletter and then moves onto giving your customers an open space on your website, somewhere they can gather and talk things about the cause, contribute their ideas and take value from each other. When I land on your website, and I see a community tab on the right navigation, I feel like trusting you, knowing other people believe in you, and I can talk to them. 

Ask yourself, how easy is it for a potential customer to talk to any existing customer of yours today? 

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