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Created 2 years ago
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Like anything else in life, this took time.

Building a community is a big deal, it is the most natural, organic, healthy, and perfect way to grow any business. Inspired by the Lorna David ted talk, a guide to collaborative leadership - it occurred to me the idea of turning your customers into collaborative leaders, by giving them a space on your website, where they contribute ideas, help each other and make decisions together.

Successful relationships whether they are marriages, business, or friendships, are all about doing things together.

The idea is simple, straightforward. Make it easy for anyone to create a community page, integrate it to their website, and start having conversations with their visitors/customers.

In the past few weeks, we continually learned so much about communities, what it takes to build & grow one. This product you looking at now is where we are right now.

Write what you think about it in comments, create some posts, upvote the ones you like, play with the tool, maybe even crash it, and let us know how we could improve. We haven't launched in public yet, but if you need a community like this on your website, We can do it.

Like anything else in life, this took time. But totally worth it.

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