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Habitate provides a white-labeled community and it starts with moving from to community.<brand name> so that your users don’t feel the disconnect. All you have to do is, have a custom domain you want to connect to and share that with Habitate team. Habitate will grant access to have your community with the custom domain you bought.

This is how you can set it up

Step 1: Go to settings and click on custom domain

Step 2: Enter your custom domain URL and press proceed

Step 3: Once the next page opens, follow these steps: 

a) Login to your DNS provider

b) Find the page to update or edit your domain’s records 

c) Add a new record with the details provided in the custom domain page in Habitate 

d) Save the new changes and wait for the details to get updated

Step 4: Once all the details are entered click on “I have added the CNAME record” in Habitate’s custom domain setting

Step 5: Wait until your SSL certificate generates

Step 6: Once your SSL certificate is generated, your new custom domain will go live.


  • If you happen to get an error, do send a mail to and the issue will be resolved

  • You cannot reset your custom domain from the prevailing page which has your own custom domain, you have to go to the page which has as the subdomain and make necessary changes there. 

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