Community & Cold Coffee - Ep 9 | Cultivating habits in the community

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Community & Cold Coffee
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This week, it is one of our favourite topics to discuss - cultivating habits in the community.

Just as much as guidelines play a vital role while setting up your community, it is equally important to cultivate habits for the members in the community. In fact, this positively affects the user participation in your community.


This week we will discuss:

1. What is a habit in the community?

2. How to form habits in a community?

3. What is the difference between habit and ritual?

4. How habits impact participation?

The above questions will be discussed and brainstormed with our panellists:

Ankita Tripati - Community Manager, Developer Ecosystem, Google

Prerona Sanyal - Community Manager, SquadStack

Saksham Taneja - Mentor at MLH

Gaurav - Works at healthcare

Nisha - Community Builder, Axilor

Shivam Bhatia - Building Communities @ Slingshot


Community & Cold Coffee Hosts and Moderator

Deepak Kumar Prabhakaran - CEO, Habitate Technologies

Varalakshmi Dwaraknath - Head of Customer Success, Habitate Technologies

Rachel - Content Writer, Habitate Technologies


Before we could meet on Saturday (Sep 25) at 2.30 PM, we would love to happily say hello to each other. Please drop a comment.

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