Community & Cold Coffee | Week 7, Ep 8 - The first 50 members of your community

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Community & Cold Coffee
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The first 30 - 50 people of your community determines the growth of your community by members and conversations. There are a few factors involved in choosing your first 30 to 50 members.

Ranging from target members, demographics, how long these members were your customers, how active have they been as a customer, how well do they know your product, are they someone who is inclined to share content, are they interested to spend time, do the purpose of community sync with them, etc.

1. What factors matter to you?
2. What do you feel should be considered important while choosing your first 50 members?
3. How do you segment these members?

Our panel is filled with community enthusiasts and experts who will be chatting with team Habitate at Community and Cold Coffee's 8th Episode, about choosing the first 50 members of your community.

Our panellists

Malavikka Sridharan - Founder, Married Superwomen
Sudarshan Babu - Founder, Jinglebid
Prakrash Pathak - Communtiy Manager, Devpost
Amit Pandey - Community Lead, KiKi Social
Nishkarsh Kaushik - Lead Community Specialist, Oppo India
Devesh Gupta - Community Manager, Apna
kshitij jaggi - Founder, Urban Yogi


Community & Cold Coffee Hosts and Moderator

Deepak Kumar Prabhakaran - CEO, Habitate Technologies

Varalakshmi Dwaraknath - Head of Customer Success, Habitate Technologies

Rachel - Content Writer, Habitate Technologies


Before we could meet on Saturday (Sep 18) at 2.30 PM, we would love to happily say hello to each other. Please drop a comment.

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