Community Building 101 for College Students. 

community 101

In the next couple of years, community building will be an essential skill of any job. We see engineers hired to build developer relationships and marketers asked to work on customer communities. Community-led marketing is the new MOAT and GTM for many businesses. For example, companies like Stripe, Typeform, Freshworks, Nike invest millions into their community. We see thousands of companies joining this trend. Companies will soon run into the scarcity of people who can do the job at this pace. 

What can we do to stop the chaos from happening? 

Teach students how to build communities. We will visit one college a month and do a 1-day workshop on community building. We show them what it takes to build a community, who needs it and how to do it. It’s going to be a simple, fun, and thoughtful workshop. Shall we do this?

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