Since the day the internet came into existence, we have seen the possibility of making distance a null factor. I made friends from Egypt, Austria, Ireland, etc. without moving a muscle (Wait, except for my finger).

So, when an internet friend of mine asked why I was in a brand new audio-based platform called Racket, I simply said: \"Folks who think like me, express like me or resonate with me are here as well. I am everywhere to find those people. I am in a constant search of my community.\" This is one of the main reasons why I want to be a Social God (omnipresent) in all possible social channels.

But, what is so special about having a community?

Imagine Community = Family

Community = People who have a commonality as a factor to unite
Family = Related to each other (bloodline is the commonality)

Community = Has guidelines to behave in an expected manner
Family = Follows a set of actions to live together in harmony

Community = Enables discussions and conversations
Family = Discusses every now and then

Community = Comes together to solve any challenge for a fellow community member
Family = Has the family members' backs always

Hence proved that Community = Family

Now, do I need to explain why family is special? Let me put it this way, most loyal advocates and supporters come from family. Now, leaving the rest up to you to figure out.

I rest my case because it's my family time now!

VaralakshmiDwarakanath Posted 1 week ago

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