Community & Cold Coffee | Week 6, Ep 7 - Can Community be Scheduled?

We often have come across scheduled content situations for the community. But,

Can you schedule your community?
How important is a content calendar for your community?
Do you think the content has to be spontaneous?
How ritual fits into content calendar?
Why or why not scheduling makes sense?
What should be scheduled?

Our panel is filled with community enthusiasts and experts who will be chatting with team Habitate at Community and Cold Coffee's 7th Episode, about the importance of scheduling in a community.

Our panellists

Sneha Sundaram - Founder, Kutuki

Rahul Ranjan - Manager (YouTube Growth) at Unacademy

Cherish Santoshi - Founding Member, Head of Community, SAWO Labs

Abilash K B - Technical Writer

Parul Gupta - Lead Content & Digital Marketing | Advocate of Community Building, Vayavya Labs

Rochelle Carvalho - Digital Marketing Manager, West Pharmaceutical Services


Community & Cold Coffee Hosts and Moderator

Deepak Kumar Prabhakaran - CEO, Habitate Technologies

Varalakshmi Dwaraknath - Head of Customer Success, Habitate Technologies

Rachel - Content Writer, Habitate Technologies


Before we could meet on Saturday (Sep 11) at 2.30 PM, we would love to happily say hello to each other. Please drop a comment.

To check out previous episodes of Community & Cold Coffee - https://community.habitate.io/channels/18/community-cold-coffee

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