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Hey community folks, I was dabbling with raising an online community for my startup in health-tech space...i have few friends join the forum but I couldn't generate momentum/user interest in it. The last few months, the community is inactive. I want to resume the community with a renewed passion. Need help/advice on the below:

  1. How do I maintain daily consistency on the commty: I am moonlighting and so not able to keep the daily momentum. Any suggestions? Does one need a dedicated comm manager for success here?

  2. How do I keep the members hooked on the community? Since habitate is on the web, they dont get notifications everytime there is a post. As a result, responses in the community is very limited and thus the further traction. Any suggestions?

  3. How should i approach the resumption of community:any tricks & tips?

GauravArya Posted 2 weeks ago

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