Community & Cold Coffee | Week 5, Ep 6 - Community is not built in a day  

Building a community requires a lot of efforts, very consistently. And, it is not built in a day or days.

We will be exploring

  • Where should the effort be?

  • How do we know that we are doing things right?

  • How do we set culture and tone?

  • How to trigger engagement in the community, when we start anything from the scratch?

Our panel is filled with community enthusiasts and experts who will be chatting with team Habitate at Community and Cold Coffee's 6th Episode.

Our panelists

Sairee Chahal - Founder SHEROES

Ankita Mishra - India Community Manager at Progate

Biswajeeta Rath - Online Community Specialist at BMC Software

Vineet Nandan Gupta - Community Strategist - Scaling your Business with Community | Growth Consultant | Podcast Host

Azhar Shams - Growth & Community Enthusiast | Microsoft Azure Kudos Badger

Sneha Sundaram - Founder, Kutuki

Vijay Math - Project Manager, Social Media Services, Sprinklr

Community & Cold Coffee Hosts and Moderator

Deepak Kumar Prabhakaran - CEO, Habitate Technologies

Varalakshmi Dwaraknath - Head of Customer Success, Habitate Technologies

Rachel - Content Writer, Habitate Technologies

Before we could meet on Saturday (Sep 4) at 2.30 PM, we would love to happily say hello to each other. Please drop a comment.

To check out previous episodes of Community & Cold Coffee - https://community.habitate.io/channels/18/community-cold-coffee

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