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Challenge were essential to learning skills and creating motivated teams

-Nigel Travis, CEO of Dunkin' Brands Group

Adventurous Challenge Culture

Challenge culture is an environment adopted by the organizations to boost the war spirit within the employees. Let's take a sail with your community to success, but what happens when it faces the so-called challenge culture: will your ship find a hidden treasure or it will face a disastrous wave that wrecks your ship. Well, it is all in the hands of the captain of the ship. This puts us to a question: who is the captain?

Here comes the captain of the ship “Community Manager”

Whether your community succeeds with challenge culture or fails. It is all in the hands of your captain i.e. Community Manager. The role of community manager becomes crucial to maintain a challenging community. Challenge culture can turn your community toxic if it is not properly controlled without the captain. What would happen if your community turns toxic? The result will be the destruction of your community. Lets see how toxic challenge culture wrecks your ship.

This is how toxic challenge culture aka disastrous wave destroys your ship so-called community


People can get competitive  in challenge culture, but when they exceed their limits and get absorbed by ego it turns into toxic challenge culture. Here are few pointers for you to identify toxic culture in your community.

Social Status - Challenge culture can make people sensitive about their social status in the community. It  becomes toxic when they want to topple each other to attain or remain in high status.

Contribution - Who gets more treasure? This race often brings out good content but if they can turn toxic when a member is taking down another.

To save your ship from such chaos, it becomes important to have a good leader or captain i.e. community manager to save your ship. Well, what if we say challenge culture itself is not toxic, but a treasure found in the sea? Don’t fret already, we know your next question: 

How to obtain the treasure?


The challenge culture is not a gladiatorial arena. It is not a 24/7 version of Survival

-Nigel Travis, CEO of Dunkin' Brands group

We got you, firstly it is important to understand that challenge culture is not a war zone. There are healthy ways to develop your community with challenge culture. What if we say that it is a treasure found in the sea. You might wonder how? Here are few insights for you on how challenge culture benefits your community.

  • Increases engagement in your community

  • Members tend to contribute more to the community

  • Members feel encouraged in the community

Would you even like to miss out on such treasures? All you need is a healthy challenge culture. We are dropping some tips on employing a healthy challenge culture in your community.

Gamification: rewards i.e. points and badges for accomplishments and contribution can boost the members of your community.

Recognition: Notice the smallest efforts made by your community members to let them feel a sense of belonging in your community.

Goals: set small goals to engage your members in the community with rewards.

Status: Assign roles and upgrade your members identity to make them visible in your community.

These are a few tips and treasures found in the vast sea of challenge culture. Dive and dig out more treasures with Habitate.

Habitate your shipwrights


Habitate shipwrights, help you to build your dream ship (community) with your crew. Habitate features provide you with tags, user-generated content, and much more which lets you incorporate challenge culture and sail peacefully with your community. Still thinking? Board on to your ship with Habitate to dig out more treasures and enjoy your sail with your community.

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