Release Note - Aug 21, 2021

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Saturdays are getting better with new releases every week. This week is very exciting for us for a couple of reasons and for you majorly because we have “Tags” that can be assigned for users as well. 

3 Exciting releases are here!

Assigning tags to people

Tags are like the CNS (Central Nervous System) at Habitate where you can map it to conversations and also make use of it for internal search. 

Now, tags can also be assigned to users and acts as an identifier, a badge of honor to differentiate users from a normal community members. So, the tag for a user can be admin, moderator or Product Team, etc. 



Help section for the Admin
We wanted to provide a helping hand and be reachable from various touchpoints. And what is better than your community? Now, reach out to us from your community directly. The admins are now provided with a help box in your community (visible only for the admins only), where you have the option to book a call with us or share it as a post on Habitate Community.

Landing page

Habitate’s brand new outlook - Brand new logo and brand new landing page! To us, you are all our Neil Armstrongs. Every time you land on our page, we want to capture your attention and make you feel excited about landing here.

Some extra shot of happiness on community building: Say Community Newsletter and Community & Cold Coffee are other exciting ways you can stay connected with us 

Pricing page: The pricing page has gone through a lot of thinking and is offered to you to have a look and choose what benefits for you. The new pricing plans now have 3 options to give you a wide range to choose what matches your needs. 

Bonus: Unlimited members, Unlimited Admins, Zapier Integration, Custom Domain, and all the features are available in all the plans, check out to find out what is different.

We are excited about this release and do watch out for this space to know about the new features we are releasing. We are so thrilled to give you as many new updates to make community building an amazing experience for you all.

PS: Want to chat with us candidly around community building?
Book your slot here and let’s catch up at Community & Cold Coffee every Saturday at  2.30 PM! 

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