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Habitate's search engine friendly provides you the most opportunity to let your community be found by indexing software and backend mechanisms. This feature comprises SEO and scrips.


The SEO section in Habitate helps the community strengthen SEO efforts, website visits, etc by allowing you to index your site for SEO purposes. 


Meta Tags

Meta tags are sections of HTML codes that provide additional information about your website. Using this will let you make your webpage authentic and easily accessible by search engines.

To add meta tags to your community

You can add your meta tags here, if you want to add the meta tag of your already existing webpage follow the steps below

step 1: Go to the webpage

step 2: Press CTRL+U, this will lead you to the page source code

step 3: Find your meta tag, copy

step 4: Paste it in Habitate's SEO.

Use Case

You can use this feature to add site verification meta tags. Most commonly used to verify your website with services such as Google search console, Bing webmaster tools, Pinterest verification, Yandex webmaster tools, etc.


Scripts enable you to add codes that will act as a bridge to place a product on top of Habitate. 


Use case 

For instance, if you want to add a pop up to your community, you know a third party tool that can give you a few pop-up templates to choose from, you can add the code to the scripts section to make it look like part of your community and reduce time and also helps you add customization.

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