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Boards (formerly called, channels) are your building blocks of community. A community is wholesome when there are boards that allow multiple stakeholders to enable conversations. In the hierarchy, boards top the chart. Rest all elements fall within the board.

When you start a community and people start getting active, this will bring in a lot of content in your community and this is where you would start to mirage a board. these boards will help you segregate content according to your needs.

Blog Boards

Education is key to success. With a Habitate blog board, you educate your customers without having them surf through different articles in different places and make it easier for them to consider you.

Testimonial boards
With Habitate's Testimonial Board, you can set up a dedicated section in your community for your customers to share their positive experiences and feelings. Testimonial board eases the decision-making process for your potential customer.

FAQ Boards

With scattered customer support channels, it becomes difficult to provide exceptional support. To truly provide support Habitate support and FAQ boards are designed to help you reduce customer churn and increase customer satisfaction.

Feedback boards

To know is to nurture. the more you know your customers the better product you create. Use Habitate’s Feedback board, you get access to insights like customer sentiment, satisfaction, etc, thereby saving cost or positively impacting your ROI.

use cases

A. Board Description for guidelines- Use the board description section to write your guidelines apart from what the board is meant for.

B. Board description for social and brand page visits - Hyperlink board description to redirect users to your website or social media pages.   

C. Private board - Private boards are visible but the conversations are not. Users should join the board to view and participate. Private channels are created usually to converse with inner circle community members, premium users of brands (to give the feel of special access). Here is how you can do it?

D. Secret board - Secret boards are not visible in the community at all. This can be used for internal purposes like, communicating or discussing with fellow employees about your community campaign or use it for internal collaboration.

With boards in your hands, you are armed to handle the content chaos in your community.

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